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Helping people develop capacities, heal pain and create better relationships through awareness, understanding and empathy.

Suite102, 436 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0R8



I believe that the experience of being valued, accepted and respected, enhances a person's capacity to develop confidence, security and a healthy, energized sense of self.  In keeping with this belief, I work from a Self Psychological perspective with adults and adolescents.


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If you are a psychotherapist interested in learning to work:
  • self psychologically
  • intersubjectively
  • contextually
  • relationally

in a professionally facilitated environment, please contact me.

"...psychoanalysis is most fundamentally about people and their difficulties in living, about a relationship that is committed to deeper self-understanding, a richer sense of personal meaning, and a greater degree of freedom."  

Stephen A. Mitchell and Margaret J. Black

Wendy E. Paterson, M.Ed., CCC, Psychotherapy Services